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        Well, there is not much to say other than I'm a strange, slightly insane person with some friends that are just as crazy.  I live in Casper Wyoming and am currently enslaved at Casper College and working a job.  I currently have a 3.802 GPA and don't know  how much longer I can maintain such a high grade point average because I'm getting really tired of using my brain.  As far as work goes I used to work at the CY Pizza Hut, (store 38) but now I work for Academic Computing at "Casper College" full time now.  My official title is "Computer Network Technician" and I love my job.  It pays so so, but the benefits, coworkers make it very worth it. Besides, I get to play on computers all day long.  In fact, that is the best part of my job because I get to do my hobby as my job and get paid for it.  Good Times!!!

        Well, for fun I like to build web pages, snow board, and cause my body much pain and suffering.  Basketball, lifting weights, hiking, climbing tall mountains, rock climbing, and video games are also a blast when I find the time.  To see an occasional movie with lots of death and destruction is a very good call as well.  Most of all though, I like to spend time with friends and do what ever.  I also like to visit my second home at the Uptains who have just recently adopted me as there newest and greatest son:)

        By the way.  This aerial shot is taken above Paradise Valley where I live.  Because of the fear of some terrorist flying commercial jets into our house, the exact location of our house will not be disclosed.  For those of you who know where we live can you find our house?  Of course I will not be living here for much longer so if you are a terrorist, please wait until I move out.  I will be extremely angry if I get killed before I climb the tallest peak in Wyoming.  I will hunt you down and haunt you for the rest of your life. (Sorry about that, I get really carried away sometimes.)

        I finally finished my college work last December (2001) and now have an Associates Degree of Science in Computer Science.  I don't walk until May 15th of 2002 though.  All are invited to come to my graduation, and I would really like everyone who can make it to come.  I didn't have a high school graduation because I was home schooled so I'm really excited that I finally get to walk.  

        On May 16th, I finally got to walk during the 2002 Casper College graduation and it felt great.  A lot of my friends came to see me graduate.  I was extra pumped because I graduated with distinction because my GPA was above a 3.8.  As I was shaking the President of the College's hand he said, "Is it just me, or was there just girls screaming at you."  Wink!  After that we went strait down to the Iris and got in line for the first Showing of Star Wars: Attack of the Clones.  It didn't start till 12:01am and I had to get up at 6:00am to go to work so that became a very long day.

        I have been on a few trips in the 2003 and 2004.  In March of 2003 I went with my church to the East Coast on our "Patriotic Trip".  It was so much fun.  In November of 2004 we went to the UK and Ireland and that was also extremely fun.  Ireland was especially awesome.  I loved the landscape and all of the green surroundings.  Ireland is a place I could see myself living someday.  I hope to go back again this decade if possible.  Well, I hope to go to Italy and maybe New Zealand in 2005 and maybe China in 2006.  We will just have to wait and see what happens.  Until then go to my pictures page and see the pictures from some of my trips.

        Well, I eventually got myself "with God's help" through 2002, 2003, and 2004.  It is now 2005 and I'm actually doing very well.  Right now I have a Y coming up in my life (although some people think it came several years ago) and I don't know which path to go down.  I would appreciate it if you would keep me in your prayers.  This is one decision I don't want to rush into.

        I went to see Dan Uptain graduate on March 18th from Boot Camp at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  Wow, what a great time I had with the Uptain family (Tom, Gail, Gloria, and of course Dan).  He is now a solider of the Unites States Army.  Way to go Dan!!!  The picture to the right is of Glo and I in Florida, what a nice girl.  Hey Gloria, I take back all those things I ever said about you, (wink, wink)  Just kidding, lol.  But for reals, I wish the best of luck for you out there, and good luck on your classes at CC this Fall.

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