Welcome to my
2001 Korea Trip Picture Extravaganza

Be fore warned that the 24 links below point to over 3,000 digital photos and will take
 a long to to view all off them.  Have fun!!!

Day 00 Before Trip.jpg 41.4K
Day 0 & 1 Before trip and First day

Day 03.jpg 44.7K
Day 2 & 3

Day 04.jpg 34.2K
Day 4

Day 05.jpg 54.0K
Day 5

Day 07.jpg 49.9K
Day 6 & 07

Day 08.jpg 47.1K
Day 8

Day 09 First day of VBS.jpg 45.8K
Day 09 First day of VBS

Day 10.jpg 52.4K
Day 10

Day 11.jpg 46.0K
Day 11

Day 12.jpg 45.2K
Day 12

Day 13.jpg 41.8K
Day 13

Day 14.jpg 42.7K
Day 14

Day 15.jpg 44.4K
Day 15

Day 16 First day of Subject Days.jpg 35.2K
Day 16 & 17 First day of Subject Days

Day 18.jpg 48.3K
Day 18

Day 19.jpg 44.0K
Day 19

Day 20 Last day of Subject Days.jpg 45.2K
Day 20 Last day of Subject Days

Day 21.jpg 40.9K
Day 21

Day 22.jpg 49.7K
Day 22

Day 23.jpg 42.7K
Day 23

Day 24.jpg 56.4K
Day 24

Day 25.jpg 46.6K
Day 25

Day 26.jpg 49.7K
Day 26

Day 27 After Trip.jpg 32.1K
Day 27 After Trip


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